Are all your works original?2019-07-05T08:41:09+02:00

Every work of art created by „Fucina-Art” is an original – every single one is unique and not repeated.

Can I order a custom project?2019-07-05T10:17:35+02:00

Yes.  Please email us using the Contact Us page and we would love to take your request.

How is „Fucina-Art” shipped?2019-07-05T10:17:59+02:00

After selecting your purchase, a shipping quote will be sent to you for approval.  All deliveries are insured by the courier.

Do your fire-pits rust?2019-07-05T10:18:24+02:00

Yes, „Fucina-Art” fire pits are designed to show off a beautiful rust patina produced naturally over time.

What is the purchasing process like?2019-07-05T10:20:00+02:00

Email us using our Contact Us page.

Specify which work of art you are interested in and your shipping location.

We will send you a detailed description of the product, including detailed photo material, as well as a shipping quotation.

Upon your acceptance of our quotation, your work of art will be packaged and shipped to your door.

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